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Every homeowner wants more space but many are forced to cram their lives into small ones. There are plenty of easy ways to create the illusion of more space to help make your small rooms look more inviting.

Create A Mirror Image

Hanging a large mirror to reflect a focal point can open up a room by making it appear double it’s size by reflecting light and the space and it will seems both brighter and bigger.
How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Window Coverings

When adding curtains to a small room using the same color as the walls or using sheer drapes will makes the space looks bigger. Place the drapery rod close to the ceiling to hang the drapery as high as possible and extend the rod at least 4 inches on either side of the window so the window appears wider. Keeping the window coverings open will naturally make a room appear larger and more inviting because the room is filled with light.

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger









Keep furniture off the floor by opting for styles that are raised on legs. Light will circulate underneath creating a sense of space. Furniture in the same colour as the walls can help widen the space. Never let the furniture block walkways by placing them around the edges of the room. Choose multifunctional pieces to simplify the room because the less furniture in the room the more spacious it will be. For example choose an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table, extra seating and storage. A dining room table with removable leaves can help you make the most out of the space. In a small bedroom a desk can double as a bedside table.

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger







Colour Scheme

A light and neutral colour pallet will expand the space visually. Unified colours will visually expand a small room. A bright coloured ceiling will draw the eyes up creating the illusion of a high ceiling. Avoid busy patterns because too many patterns will make the room look cluttered. A single oversized piece of art can add colour and drama to a small space by creating a strong focal point.How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger










Floor to ceiling bookcases add height and will draw the eye upward and expand how high the ceiling looks. It’s a great way to add storage but don’t fill up every space on the shelves. Leaving some empty space will give the room an airy look. Short bookcases cut the proportions of the room and break up the wall space.

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger









Clear Out The Clutter

An untidy room looks half the size. When your eye is drawn to too many focal points a room will always seem crowed and smaller. A few well chose and placed accessories is all you need to give a small space some sophistication.