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After two days of riding we thought we’d change it up with a day of kayaking. We woke up to a foggy morning and made our way over to the Fontana Marina. By the time we had the kayaks unloaded from the Jeep and loaded up with our gear for the day most of the fog had cleared and a blue sky appeared.
Kayaking Fontana LakeFontana is a man-made lake with lake levels controlled by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). From September – November TVA lowers lake levels 60-feet to allow for winter snows and spring rains.
Kayaking Fontana Lake
We were told that the lake still needed to be lowered another 30 feet.
Kayaking Fontana Lake
Ahhh, the beautiful sites you can discover when you head in the wrong direction!
Kayaking Fontana Lake
The perfect stop for lunch.

Unfortunately as we rounded the corner we realized that due to the low water level we weren’t able to go any farther.
Kayaking Fontana Lake
We had been paddling for almost 2 hours at that point so we were ok to turn around and head back.
Kayaking Fontana Lake

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