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You only get one chance to make a first impression. When you list your home for sale you have to see your home through someone else’s eyes. When a potential buyer walks in they need to think, I can see myself living here.

It may seem illogical to spend money on your home before you sell. In some instances that might be exactly what you need to do to get an interested buyer.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the cheapest ways to get the highest possible price for your home. Here are a few more update ideas that will help sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Update Your Landscaping Before You Sell Your HomeThe outside of your house is the first thing a potential buyer sees and a well-maintained yard can add value to your home. Raking up the lawn to get rid of dead areas and leaves will make the remaining foliage look brighter and more appealing. Pull out all the weeds and keep up with the process until your home is sold. Edge all the flower beds and add some annuals to any bare spaces to add colour. Tidy up any perennials that may be overgrown.

Giving your cabinets a fresh coat of white paint will make the kitchen appear brighter and cleaner and painting the cabinets will give the appearance of new, which will please many buyers. Updated cabinet door hardware can be installed by yourself for just a few dollars. If your light fixtures are old and outdated,  replace them with one that are brighter and more energy-efficient.

Updating a bathroom before you sellNext to the kitchen the bathrooms are often the most important rooms to update. Things as simple as a new toilet seat and pedestal sink can make a huge difference and can easily be done yourself. If the floor is discoloured, easy-to-apply vinyl tiles can be laid. Consider regrouting the tile in the tub and shower if they look dingy. Replacing old shower doors with a curtain will add the illusion of space.

Boring recessed lights in your living and dining rooms can be updated with track lighting or a chandelier. Accent lighting can be added under kitchen cabinets and spot lights can direct light to emphasize features like art work.

If your carpet is dirty have it professionally cleaned, but if your carpet is old or stained you should consider replacing it as it is a big turnoff to buyers, especially if there are pets in the house. The same thing with vinyl flooring. Old, torn or stained tiles need to be replaced with clean neutral ones.

Whether it’s painting the walls or replacing the carpet, the updates you do to your home before you sell should be tailored to what your home needs to be competitive. Remember what first attracted you to your house when you bought it? What features did you find most appealing? Now that you’re selling your home you’ll need to look at it as if you were buying it all over again.

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