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With a very busy summer behind us and after an extended break Real Estate With Carmine is back!!

It’s hard to believe that fall is already upon us especially with this spectacular weather we’ve been having, but it won’t be long until the cold weather is upon us. It’s important to be ready in advance as preventative maintenace is the key to keeping your home warm and comfortable during the cold winter months and you’ll end up saving money!!

Interior Fall Maintenance

1. Check your home’s attic for any signs of moisture, leaks and mold. Any moisture and mold present might indicate a ventilation problem and during the cold season an attic requires proper air circulation.
Check attic for moisture

2. Have your furnace professionally serviced before winter. Be sure to replace air filters on a regular basis and inspect the air registers and air ducts. A clean filter will put less strain on your furnace.

3. If you have a fireplace check to see the damper is operating properly. Be sure and open it to see that there aren’t any rodents, birds or beehives occupying the flue. Consider having a professional come and sweep it out and clean out the flues.

4. Change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms. House fires and carbon monoxide poisonings increase during the winter so cut your risk.

5. Reverse your ceiling fans. An upward draft will redistribute warm air from the ceiling.
Reverse Ceiling Fans in Winter Months

6. Give your home a ‘Fall Cleaning’ while it’s still warm enough to keep the windows open. The air quality indoors is worse in the winter so a good cleaning will help you breath easy.

Exterior Fall Maintenance

1. Inspect the caulk around your windows and door frames to prevent heat from escaping and use weather stripping to seal up any drafts where needed.
Caulk Leaky Windows

2. Inspect your roof for missing or loose shingles. Deal with any needed repairs before you discover a leaky roof during a snowstorm.

3. Clogged gutters can cause ice dams. Clean out gutters and downspouts after the leaves have fallen.
Remove leaves from gutters and downspouts

4. Drain your garden hoses and close the shut-off valves inside and leave the tap outside open to ensure the pipe doesn’t freeze.
Drain outdoor taps before they freeze

5. Do a little landscaping. Seed and fertilize your grass, trim bushes and trees away from your house. Be sure that the grading carries any excess water away from your foundation.

6. Walk around your house and keep an eye out for any cracks in the foundation and areas where pipes and wires enter the house and reseal if necessary.

Owning a home requires constant upkeep and it’s important to conduct regular inspections of your home. An easy way to do that is to do seasonal maintenance checks to ensure your home is a healthy and safe place. It is definitely time well spent.