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When the first weekend in December rolls around it’s time for us to get bundled up and head out to Powells tree farm in hopes if finding the perfect Christmas tree.
Powells Christmas Tree Farm

We trek up and down the rows and rows of trees saying to each other, “that one is too small” or “that one is too skinny” or “that one is way too big” until we come across one we can both agree on and then we look some more. Because you just never know!!

Powells Christmas Tree Farm

Cooper loves to join us for the excursion and while he has a blast running around the trees it he’s not much help in the decision making process.

Along the way Judy came across a tree she has her sights on for the future.
Our Future Tree

After about 45 minutes of indecisiveness we finally agreed on this tree.
This is the one we chose

Once the tree was chosen it was time for me to get to work.
Carmine cutting down tree

Powells is a place that we continue to come back to year after year. Not only can you find a great tree to cut down yourself, they also have pre-cut tress of all sizes.
Powells Christmas Tree Farm

If you forget to bring a saw they have lots to lend you. They offer free candy canes for the kids and allow you the help yourself to pre-cut branches to make you own wreaths or planters. Powells Christmas Tree Farm

Powells Christmas Tree Farm

Powells Christmas Tree Farm

Powells Christmas Tree Farm

To get to Powells Tree Farm go East on 401 to Highway #57. Exit 431 to Bowmanville. Go north on #57 about 20 kms then turn right-east on Durham Rd. #20. Go 5kms. We are on the south side. 905-263-2762.

Happy tree hunting!!