Use a magazine rack to store cans.
Magazine Rack to Hold Cans

Use CD racks to organzine plastic container lids
CD racks to organize plastic container lids

Use a small pressure rod to hold spray bottles.
Pressure rod to hold spray bottles

Pack heavy items like books into a rolling suitcase for easy moving.
Suitcase to pack heavy books when moving

Saturate a kitchen sponge with water and place it in a baggy and freeze it for a a non-drip ice pack.
Saturated sponge and baggie for ice pack

Use a bread tag to hold your spot on a roll of tape.
Bread tie to hold your spot on a roll of tape

Use a pants hanger as an inexpensive cookbook holder.
Cookbook holder

Use a hanging shoe rack to hold cleaning supplies.
Hanging shoe rack to store cleaning supplies

Place a rubber band across the top of a paint can to wipe your brush on.
Rubber band on paint can to wipe brush on

Use a can opener to open blister packs.
Can opener to open blister packs

Use soda pop tabs to offset your hangers.
Soda pop tabs to offset hangers

Tie a baggy filled with vinegar to your shower head to clean it.
Tie a baggy filled with vinegar to clean shower head

Write on bread tabs to label and organize wires.
Bread tags to label wires

Place pantyhose over the vacuum head to help find small items.
Panty hose and vacuum to find small items

Use a drinking straw to hull strawberries.
Drinking straw to hull strawberries

While I personally have not tried all of these tips I do find them very clever. If you have any other household tips & tricks that you would like to share please do so in the comments sections below.