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A large percentage of home buyers are already forming an opinion about your home the minute they pull into the driveway. First impressions count especially when selling a home, and you want your home to make that love-at-first-sight impression.
Curb Appeal Just because you don’t have a green thumb doesn’t mean that you can’t have great curb appeal. It’s about more than just beautiful gardens.

A bit of elbow grew can go a long way. Here are a few tips to get you started.
Curb AppealCurb AppealCurb Appeal

• clean up gardens by removing weeds and pruning overgrown shrubs
• cut the grass and get rid of weeds
• pressure wash dirty siding, dingy decks and driveways
• clean windows inside and out, replace broken panes, and fix torn screens
• touch up peeling paint on doors, siding, and trim
• get rid of the clutter, put away toys and gardening equipment
• make sure all walks and entrances are safe from clutter

Click here, to download your own curb appeal checklist.